Vex 2 Game

Vex 2 Game is he upgraded version of Vex. The two games were developed be Yepi games.

Being known as the 2nd and upgraded version of Vex, but Vex 2 is more similar to the following part of Vex than the upgraded version of it.

Vex 2 Game continues Vex 1 with many other acts with many different missions and impediments, but the rule of the game still stay unchanged. You still have to play as a man who has to run, jump and swim to approach the magical door leading to the following acts.


No matter whatever we say, it is still the upgraded version of Vex, so it has some changed features in options. The design was changed a little. In the first version, you can press ‘m’ to turn off the music and sound, but in this version, you can’t do this anymore because the options have a button named settings. To turn off the music and sound, you have to click settings and turn off music and sound. However, the settings options are the outstanding of this version. In the first version, there are only two choices for you: music and sound played or music and sound mute, but in this version, you have many choices. You can play the sound only and turn off the music and vice versa. Moreover, you can play both music and sound at the volume you want, independent of the default setting of the game. That is one of the differences between the two versions.

Additionally, there are some special thins that this version was upgraded. In the first version, you can just jump on a pedestal and jump so high to reach high places. In this version, you can get into a barrel of a petard and control the aim of the petard. Then, it will shoot you to where you want. At act 3 of the game, the petard shoot you straight to the magical door and you can immediately come to act 4.

There are some useful features in this version, which make it different from the original version. However, those features don’t make this version easier than its first one. The difficulty of the game still stays at the same level. All of those features only make the game more attractive.

The game is so exciting that you will fall in love with it immediately. After playing, you will be addicted to it.
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