The games you are playing are too boring? You are waiting for an action game that can make you feel so exciting? Vex 2 Game is here to satisfy you.

About the game

Vex is an action game in which you play as a man to jump around. The rule of the game is you have to jump from a block to another. If you fall off the block, you will lose a life. There are so many of impediments such as spines, darts or small weapons. If you touch them or they touch you, you will lose a life too. However, in the game you turn to try is unlimited. You can try any times you want. Besides, the game will count the time you spend to finish an act to calculate your record and of course, the times you are dead are counted, too. Therefore, if you want to be recorded, try to prevent death.


In this game the levels are named the acts. The first level is the warming-up act. Then, the following levels are named act 1, act 2, act 3, act 4, act 5 and so on. To finish the mission of an act, you have to run from the start point till a magical door which will bring you to the menu to go on the next act. In each act, there are a lot of check point. The check point is where there are a red flag and when you pass it, it turns green. If you make a mistake and die, you will start again at the nearest check point that you have passed.


The controls of the game are not very difficult to understand. You almost use the keyboard in the game.

– Use arrow key to make the man run straight ahead or turn back. Press the up arrow key to make him jump. In the water, the right arrow key and left arrow key have the function to change the way he swim and the up arrow key to make him move forward

– Pressing ‘s’ makes him slide down to prevent the impediment

– Use ‘m’ to turn down the music and sound, the game will continue in mute mode.

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