Vex 4

Vex 4 is the latest version of the game series named Vex. The series was developed by Yepi games.

Being the latest version, under three times upgraded, Vex 4 has some features which are similar with the three versions before and some outstanding features that the three versions before don’t have.


First, the design, the rule and the options gave no significant change. The four versions are more similar with four parts of a game than being four versions which have been under upgrading. In this version, you still play as a man and the mission is still finding the green magical door. The four games all continue in this way till you reach the last door in the game.

The difference which is the most significant is some of the impediments have been upgraded in kind, shape and size. They become bigger, sharper and more dangerous. Therefore it also becomes more difficult for you to pass through them.

However, from the original version, the difficulty of the missions is the thing that helps the game to attract many of players. The difficulty of the game is made by, of course, the unique impediments that only this series of games have. Especially, the huge sharp gears are unbelievable. They crush you into many small pieces, which can blow you away. Furthermore, the guns and the petards are incredible

Additionally, the special blocks are amazing too. There are some special blocks that when you step on them, they will change immediately or hinder you from running forward. There are some blocks that when you step onto it, it will junk immediately. If you don’t jump out of those blocks and reach another block in time, you will be pulled down and die. There are some blocks that pull you forward or backward. They pull you to backward to prevent you from moving forward. They pull you forward to make you move so fast when there are some impediments in front, so that, you can control your speed and touch the impediments and die.

Vex 4 is the latest version of the game series so it is more addicting than the three versions before. If you have played the three versions before, you can’t ignore this version. It is very exciting.

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